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Setting yet another milestone in orthopedic surgery, a team of specialists at Fortis Hospitals, Kalyan ,Mumbai led by Dr. Aashish Arbat, Arthoscopic & Joint Replacement Surgeon, corrected a 3 times failed hip of a 49 year old man and put him back on his feet.

Patient Mr Tanaji Palekar, age 49, had a severe fall April 2007 while boarding the bus and fractured his left hip. He was immediately taken to nearby Hospital in Kalyan where implant was used to fix the joint. Post surgery within 3 months he started experiencing severe pain in his left hip and had to consult the doctor. Doctor advised him to undergo a repeat surgery.

A barber by profession working in Kalyan,Mumbai his economic condition made the second surgery unaffordable for him. “I decided to wait for a few years but my profession demanded constant standing for hours which made the pain unbearable. I had no option but to undergo a second surgery.” He underwent second hip replacement surgery at another hospital in Kalyan. His implant was replaced and bone grafting was done. But even after the second surgery his pain did not reduce.

“Since the past 5 year I have been experiencing difficulty in walking due to continuous pain in my left hip and it was affecting my job. These surgeries were not proving beneficial for me and were creating a hole in my pocket. But I had no option but to consult one more orthopedic doctor so that I coul

d be relieved of the pain and can start working to earn my livelihood.”

Mr Palkar then consulted an orthopedic doctor at a hospital in Mumbai who after referring to his reports said that one more hip replacement surgery won’t be beneficial for him. Mr. Palkar underwent a 3rd surgery where the doctors removed the previous implant which had loosened and left him without replacing with a new implant. This left Palkar in a crippled and painful condition.

“Having undergone three surgeries already and getting to know that one more surgery won’t be beneficial I lost hope of being cured. I thought a fourth correction could never be performed on my hip and I will have to lead a challenged life for the rest of my years.”

According To Dr Aashish Arbat, They decided to look for an evidence based decision to put an American Hip replacement system which was uncemented type (cemented and uncemented are types of Hip replacement systems, Uncemented hip implants have special coating where bone grows on the implant and increases its durability even for life sometimes, but is difficult to do the surgical procedure technically”

Post Surgery the patient was able to move his hip right for the first time in 5 years. Says Mr Tanaji Palekar

Post surgery I was able to stand on day 2 and was sent home walking on day 4. I resumed my work later. Dr Arbat kept me on rehabilitation for 4 weeks and closely monitored me for some time until he was sure that my soft tissues are strong enough to make me run and cycle in the future.”

Dr. Arbat is very optimistic that the patient will lead a normal life and will not require another revision in his lifetime.

“My utmost gratitude to Dr. Arbat and the team at Fortis Hospitals for whom I am able to stand in front of you all and have a motivation to lead a healthy life ahead”, added Mr Tanaji.

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